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Our holistic weight loss programme helps you create lasting change, assisted by weight loss medication.

Our medication plan

One monthly subscription, everything you need for lasting better health.
A pharmacy you can trust
Medication reviewed and supplied by GPhC-registered, UK based pharmacy
Easy and discrete
4-weekly supply of medication, delivered discreetly to your door
Holistic approach
Access to our custom-built app to help you create lasting change
Quieten the ‘food noise’
Forego the fad diet, and say goodbye to hunger and cravings
Feel better
As you lose weight, benefit from improved sleep, confidence, and well-being
Peers you can rely on
Tap into your community on WhatsApp, and get support from others on the journey

The medication

Our plans include an individual medical assessment, your prescription, the medication itself, and all P&P.
Our pharmacy can prescribe a variety of medications to eligible patients to facilitate weight loss alongside our behaviour change programme. Our free assessment is the first step to finding out if you might be eligible for treatment.

Guidance & support

Unlimited 1:1 advice and  WhatsApp community support
All of our plans come with the care and guidance you need, every step of the way.

The Habitual app

Expert-written content
Access science-backed behavioural lessons to make lasting changes to your nutrition, exercise routine, sleep, and psychology.

The Habitual app

Progress dashboard
Celebrate your wins daily, no matter how small. See your weight drop and your habits improve over time.

The Habitual app

Daily tracking
Weight is only one aspect of health. Achieve lasting change by tracking your habits daily.

The Habitual app

Earn points and build a streak when you take actions in the app... then redeem them for real-life rewards!

The Habitual app

Browse simple, low-calorie recipes and create your meal plan with a few taps to auto-generate your shopping list.


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The evidence

Learn more about the science behind weight loss medications
We only prescribe medications that have been extensively research for safety and efficacy.
“Semaglutide, added to basal insulin, significantly reduced HbA1c and body weight inpatients with uncontrolled T2D vs placebo.”
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The evidence

Learn more about the science behind weight loss medications
We only prescribe medications that have been extensively research for safety and efficacy.
"The mean change in body weight from baseline to week 68 was −14.9% in the semaglutide group"
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The evidence

Learn more about the science behind weight loss medications
We only prescribe medications that have been extensively research for safety and efficacy.
"In adults with overweight or obesity without type 2 diabetes, oral semaglutide 50 mg once per day led to a superior and clinically meaningful decrease in bodyweight compared with placebo."
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Member reviews

Just over 9lbs lost in 3 weeks so far

So far I have completed 3 weeks of the programme (with the occasional small slip up but nothing major) and I have lost 4.8% of my body weight already!

I am doing amazing on this programme

I have lost 3.7% of my weight so far and i am just finished my second week. The company is amazing and the programme is easy to follow.
David Charles

Habitual are an amazing company

They've seriously helped me get my weight under control for the first time in my life. I've lost over 50lbs in 4.5 months, I haven't felt hungry during that process and I have been fully supported by Habitual and the community. All I can say to Habitual is thank you, thank you, thank you. I feel great, I feel confident that I can carry on losing weight and I believe that I will be able to keep it off.

Amazing Program, Amazing Team

This program takes care of the whole you, the whole way. From effective (& safe) weight loss products to advice on how to change your habits, it’s a refreshing twist on traditional diet programs. Plus, the team behind it is amazing, brilliant, and fun!
C Carroll

Habitual has opened so many new doors...

Habitual has opened so many new doors for me. Their program and the team I interfaced with are top notch, supportive, helpful and caring; creating such a comforting environment that has allowed me to look at myself in a new light...
Randi Ransom

Habitual has changed my life for the better

Habitual has changed my life! I’ve gone from being scared of tomorrow, to now being excited to experience what the future will bring.I feel younger, happier & healthier and could not recommend the program enough to anyone else looking...
Max Black

Best thing that happened to me in this

Best thing happened to me in this country. The staff and the support are second to none! Highly recommend to all my family and friends! You must try- your health is priceless!
Nadia Stancheva

The programme changed my life (and...

The programme changed my life (and shape). I am physically better and no longer take the medication I was previously taking. The support and information offered by the team was invaluable. At the outset I was cynical that this would work...

Struggling with weight?

This programme REALLY works.... If you stop thinking about food and stick to this you WILL lose weight. Proper tailored individual support to make lifestyle changes for a slimmer fitter healthier you. It’s a no-brainer.

A new way of life

The information you receive to go alone with the nutritional support during the diet replacement phase is durables and important. The support the team at habitual give you via emails, chats and medical support is of the highest caliber...
Darren Bailey

Superb and Outstanding Weight Loss Programme!

The weight loss programme, offered and run by Habitual is absolutely first-class and highly recommended, run by an extremely professional, kind, courteous, friendly and supportive team...
Elizabeth Wayling

Habitual are the best

One of the most changing life style experience. Habitual team where 100% behind me. Encouraging me all the way step by step even with my off days Hebtural was there taught me to understand my addiction to food and...
Bula Butch

Superb - it works!

Superb program - I lost over 20kg that will stay off thanks to the combination of food advice, mental health support and physical exercise tips. I was 97kg in January and it's now October and I'm down to 75kg - so 3.5 stone loss / 22kg. I would highly recommend Habitual ...
Gareth Dixon

The before and after is remarkable

Before Habitual, I was obese, didn't feel great in my skin and didn't have a great relationship with food. Now, 19kg later, I'm not obese, and with the help of their team my relationship with food is improving.The first 2 weeks are really hard, but if you stick to it, by week 12 you'll look back and think how ...
Brad Fehler

Worth a try and if you don't you will never...

I am in week 9 now and have been off my diabetes 2 medication 4 days into the start of the weight loss program. My blood sugar levels have been within 4-7 mmol ever since each time I have tested. It can be difficult at times but there is support available. I am looking forward to reintroducing ....
Doug Guy

Life changing program

The HABITUAL program has been truly Life Changing for Me! I have managed to lose 7 Stone since February 2020 but more importantly I am mindful of what I eat on a daily basis. I have learned to enjoy a treat without returning to my old eating habits...
Miss Maggie Fitzgerald

Great programme to reverse diabetes

Great programme that can help reverse of reduce type 2 diabetes. Programme is unique in that while you get your total diet replacement meals (yummy) you also learn about the psychology of training your mind to think differently about food and to make different choices and to understand...
Damian Testa

Habitual - an organisation with heart..

Although I never thought of myself as being 'fat', at the start of this year, after lockdown and Christmas, I was starting to struggle with my weight and it was affecting my health. In January I had a diabetes diagnosis, and knew that I had to do something about it...
Steve Wheeler


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*Name changed for patient privacy