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Weight is the number one risk factor for diabetes

Research shows:

A 3-part disease reversal programme

Part 1

Lose weight, quickly and safely

Expert-formulated soups, shakes, and porridges help many patients lose enough weight to reverse pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes
Part 2

Change your habits from day one

Our personalised habit-change programme helps you make lasting changes to your nutritional, mental, and physical habits
Part 3

Sustain change with daily support

Get support from your social support group made up of people on the same journey as you, whenever you need it

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Prevent & reverse disease

“Yay. Had my HBA1C results back today and it has gone from 79mmol down to 65mmol. So I guess the total diet replacement is working!”

Darren, 40

Lose weight for good

“I cannot believe the amount of weight I've lost. Just feeling so happy about the way I look right now.”

Kim, 48

Lead a happier life

“Thank you for giving us the possibility to go inside ourselves and see the positive in us, something we don't do often enough. For the first time, I feel proud to think about past successes, rather than focussing on past failures”

Dervis, 27

Guaranteed to change your health

We want to help thousands of people reverse type 2 diabetes and prediabetes.

And because we’re so confident that it works, we’ll give you your money back if you put the weight back on.

The journey starts with Habitual intro week

We know that a 3-part disease reversal programme is no small commitment.

That’s why we designed our programme with a no strings attached intro week.

For just £9.99, you’ll get a sample of each of our 8 meals, as well as our first week of behaviour change content, so you have an idea of what to expect of your 6 months.

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