All your food, delivered to your door.

No decisions. No expensive food shops. Only £2 per meal.
Intro week


one-off payment

Experience our habit change firsthand and try our meals. Intro week is the first step to success on the Habitual programme!

✓ 8 meals - try all of our flavours
✓ Write a Purpose Letter, the 
groundwork of our habit change
✓ Speak to a Habitual expert about 
your custom programme
✓ Build your first monthly meal box

Join our waitlist

Free access to diabetes remission course just for applying!

Months 1-3


per week


per month

Switch away from normal food onto total diet replacement; learn how to change your habits for good.

✓ Includes all of your food
✓ Daily habit change exercises
✓ Access to the Habitual app
✓ Inclusion in virtual support group
✓ Support from the Habitual team
✓ Communication with your GP

Months 4-6


average per week


average per month

Slowly introduce normal food back into your diet as you find your new, healthy baseline.

✓ Includes 1-3 Habitual meals/day
✓ Expert nutritional guidance
✓ Continued access to app
✓ Inclusion in virtual support group
✓ Support from the Habitual team
✓ Communication with your GP

Your journey to lifelong health can start today

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Guaranteed to change your health

We’re looking for 150 people who are ready to reverse their diabetes or prediabetes.

And because we’re so confident that it works, we’ll give you your money back if you put the weight back on.

What to expect from your Habitual intro week

We know the importance of setting you up for success before officially starting our 6-month long programme, so that's why every patient goes through Habitual intro week.

You’ll get to sample each of our 8 meals, as well as the first week of behaviour change lessons. After intro week, you'll be fully prepared to start on your 6-month transformational journey with us.

Join our waitlist

One subscription. Everything you need to transform your health.

All of your food

Skip the grocery store, and rest assured that you’re getting all the nutrients you need.

Expert habit change

Daily education and exercises help you build the habits you want in your life.

Curated peer group

Go through the program alongside other people on the same journey as you.

Medication guidance

We speak to every patient’s GP to ensure your safety throughout the program.

Support when you need it

Our team is by your side through every step of the journey, whenever you need us.

With you for life

After 6 months, enjoy unlimited access to the Habitual app and habit change content.

Benefits you can’t get anywhere else.

Frequently asked questions

What other expenses will I have?

Good question - and the answer is, very few! When you go onto total diet replacement (the first 3 months of the Habitual programme), you won’t need to buy any other food, any fancy coffees, or any alcohol. That’s why lots of people actually save money on the Habitual programme.

In months 4-6, you’ll start buying and making your own meals as you slowly reintroduce normal foods back into your diet—but don’t worry, you’ll only pay for the Habitual sachets you’re consuming in a given month. We spend a lot of time helping you to find your “new healthy normal” when you reintroduce food, which includes ensuring that the meals you choose are within your budget.

Why does the price go down?

For the first 3 months of the Habitual programme, you’ll switch away entirely from your normal diet and onto four Habitual meals per day. From months 4-6, you’ll gradually re-introduce normal foods back into your diet, one meal at a time (in month 4, for example, you’ll have three Habitual sachets per day and one normal meal that you prepare yourself). 

In month 5, you’ll use two Habitual sachets per day, and in month 6 you’ll use one sachet per day. That means that your subscription decreases in prices each month after the first three months. But don’t worry! Even when the price goes down, you’ll still have access to all the same digital support you get in the beginning of the programme, including daily content and virtual social support.

Do I have to pay after I finish the 6 months?

Once you complete your first 6 months with us, you’ll still have access for free to all of our digital resources, and there’s no obligation to continue paying at all. 

However, many of our patients choose to continue using total diet replacement products as a weight maintenance strategy in the long term. We’ll provide more details about how this works when you get to the end of your six months.

Can I cancel after my intro week?

Yes! The purpose of intro week is to give you a no-commitment preview of what life is like on the Habitual programme, and you can cancel at any point during that week by emailing

If you do not cancel within 7 days, you will be automatically enrolled into our programme on weekly billing. If you decide you don't want to do the programme after you've been billed, we'll give you a refund provided your food has not been shipped out.

Am I committed for the full 6 months?

If you decide that Habitual isn’t right for you (we hope that won’t be the case!), you can cancel at any point by emailing

If you would like to keep any meals remaining from your last shipment, we will charge your card for the remaining amount. If you prefer to have a refund for the meals you’ve not consumed, please let us know by email and we will provide instructions for returning your unopened sachets.

What types of payment do you accept?

Pretty much all of them! We accept all major credit cards, plus PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Shop Pay. Unfortunately we can’t accept gold bars, cash delivered by carrier pigeon, or IOUs 😉

What happens if I put the weight back on?

We know that weight regain is one of the main concerns with any lifestyle change programme. But we’re so confident that the Habitual programme will work, we’ll give you your money back if you put the weight back on. We call this our Health Promise.

Our lawyers insisted that there were some terms associated with our Health Promise, so please find them here if you’re curious.

How do I receive my food?

Your food will be delivered once every 28 days. You’ll have a chance to change your flavour selection before each box is shipped.

Can anyone join the programme?

While we would love to help everyone to achieve better health, unfortunately our current offering is limited by BMI range and a few exclusion criteria, all based on scientific evidence about what makes programmes like ours safe and effective for patients. You can check whether you’re eligible to join here.

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