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Per week, cancel any time
All your food months 1-3
Half your food months 4-6
Personalised behaviour change
Lifelong daily support


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Per month, cancel any time
All your food months 1-3
Half your food months 4-6
Personalised behaviour change
Lifelong daily support

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All your food months 1-3
Half your food months 4-6
Personalised behaviour change
Lifelong daily support

Money back guarantee

We’re so confident that our programme works, we’ll give you your money back if you put the weight back on.

Your plan also includes

  • Support from our Patient Care team, whenever you need - phone or chat!
  • Medication and GP support
  • Health tracking app
  • Daily science-backed behaviour change in your inbox
  • Personalised nutritional guidance
  • Weekly reports and insights
  • Weight loss guarantee
  • Lifelong support (for free)
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Many of our patients actually save money

Our programme replaces all of your food for months 1-3 and most for months 4-6
Average weekly spend/person
Groceries - £26.50
Eating out - £13.80
Alcohol - £17.60
Total - £57.90
Weekly spend on Habitual
Groceries - £0
Eating out - £0
Alcohol - £0
Habitual meals - £39
Total - £39 (Save at least £18.90 per week)
Reference: ONS Family spending in the UK April 2019 to March 2020
Type 2 diabetes can be:


Our Patient Care team is
here to support you daily
Type 2 diabetes can be:


Our diabetes remission community is here to support you on your journey
Type 2 diabetes can be:


Everyone slips up. We teach you how to reframe your thoughts
Type 2 diabetes can be:


We distill the latest in nutrition, exercise, and psychology into simple lessons
Type 2 diabetes can be:


Our app makes progress tracking
simple and motivating

Lifelong benefits, whatever your goal

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19kg average weight
loss at 4 months

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Change your
behaviours, for good

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Live longer, healthier,
and happier

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Reduce (or stop!)
your medications

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Reduce the risk
of heart attack & stroke

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Control your
blood sugar naturally

We all have our own reasons to change.

What our patients are saying about their journey.

Each and every patient is on their own path to better health,
and we’re lucky to be able to support them along the way.
"Feeling tired and frustrated"
Lost 17 kg
"I feel completely different - younger, thinner, more energetic. So, so grateful for this programme"
"I've come to a stage in my life where I need to lose at least 8 stone."
Lost 38.3 kg
"Being on this program has been life changing, and for the first time I am enjoying cooking for myself!"
"I know I can do it, but having the support is going to be a game changer."
Lost 24.6 kg
"The best part for me was dropping off the bariatric surgery waitlist"
"I'm not very active, and with a busy work schedule my eating habits aren't ideal."
Lost 12.8 kg
"I am very proud of the changes I’ve made. I haven’t exercised in 20 years, but now I do"
I want to be more active but am just too lazy.
Lost 13.9 kg
"Before I used to give up so easily, but now I’ve realised that I just need to slow down and be kind to myself."

Before, I used to give up so easily, but now I’ve realised that I just need to slow down and be kind to myself - that’s what the programme has taught me.


Habitual - an organisation with heart who have transformed my life!

Although I never thought of myself as being 'fat', at the start of this year, after lockdown and Christmas, I was starting to struggle with my weight and it was affecting my health. In January I had a diabetes diagnosis, and knew that I had to do something about it. And then Habitual came along. They've literally changed my life, and I'm very grateful to everyone at Habitual for all they've done for me. I've now lost around 3 stone, and am feeling much better for it. But that's not the best thing about Habitual - for me, the best thing is that they are an organisation with heart, who treat their clients with kindness and respect. I consider myself lucky to have come across them. Thanks so much Habitual!
Steve Wheeler
Apr 7, 2021

Great programme to reverse diabetes

Great programme that can help reverse of reduce type 2 diabetes. Programme is unique in that while you get your total diet replacement meals (yummy) you also learn about the psychology of training your mind to think differently about food and to make different choices and to understand those choices. Am in Week 11 and have lost 15% of my bodyweight or 14KGs so far.

Highly recommend for anyone that has just/ recently been diagnosed with T2 or like me diagnosed some years ago - it is never too late to try to reverse T2 or reduce meds. This programme is a MUST. Highly recommend and great people who really care
Damian Testa
Apr 8, 2021

Worth a try and if you don’t you will never know what you have missed!

I am in week 9 now and have been off my diabetes 2 medication 4 days into the start of the weight loss program. My blood sugar levels have been within 4-7 mmol ever since each time I have tested. It can be difficult at times but there is support available. I am looking forward to reintroducing food in a few weeks and will be happy to get the advice on how to do this without putting all the weight on. By the weigh (pardon the pun!) I have lost 16.9kg now in 9 weeks... also my breathing, sleeping and general fitness has all improved immensely...
Jun 20, 2021

Excellent health program

Cannot rave about this weight loss program enough! Am currently on week 11 and now off Blood Pressure medication and have reduced cholesterol from 5.8 to 3.5 and lost 17.7kg.

The behavioural exercises have given me insights into what I need to change to stay feeling this fit and healthy. I was amazed how much energy I had considering the calories and really did not feel hungry. The team are fabulous, very supportive and add an extra level of security while you take back control of your life. Wish I had done it years ago.
M. Zachry
Apr 7, 2021

Excellent health program

After trying so many different products and my diabetes along my weight just didn’t work. I have started habitual Within 8 weeks I lost 3 stones.

I highly recommend this fantastic team, every day you have tracking and are able to do your journal. You are able to date thoughts and speak to others on the same journey through WhatsApp.

The best thing I have done is to join habitual.
Pauline Binns Tulloch
Apr 6, 2021

Good programme

Good programme. l have learnt a lot about what different kinds of food does in my body, portion size, nutritional values and many more. When l started l was on a size 20 now l am able to fit in a size 16. My blood pressure was 146 now lam in the 120's

I am also in a routine of exercising regularly which l did not have the will power to do before the programme. Highly recommended no regrets at all.
Vivian Korley
Apr 6, 2021

Thank you for giving us the possibility to go inside ourselves and see the positive, something we don't do often enough. I feel proud today for the first time, thinking about past successes rather than past failures.


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