Free your patients from the burden of chronic disease

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Diabetes reversal

With total diet replacement and behaviour change, 46% of patients in trials reverse their diabetes at one year, freeing them from diabetic medications

Healthier hearts

QRISK scores in patients who sustain remission of type 2 diabetes are shown to halve at two years. That's half the risk of heart attack or stroke!

Knee pain reduction

Patients report 60% improvement in knee pain, meaning less analgesia requirements and fewer appointments
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And do it whilst saving money

Less than the average annual cost of managing a Type 2 diabetic

Less expensive than the cost of managing a heart attack

Less than the cost of a knee replacement

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Free up your time, make your patients happy

Fewer appointments

Participants in the DiRECT trial required fewer appointments with GPs and practice nurses

Improved QoL

In studies, patient quality of life (measured by EQ5D) improved significantly versus control

Decrease medication

Most patients on programs like Habitual require less diabetic and blood pressure medication
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We liaise with every patients’ GP before they start Habitual. Because we know good primary care starts with you.

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Nagi, 25

“This is the only thing I've done that has really made me focus on my weight and health as a whole. I really like the way that you approach it as more than a diet but more as a way of life.”
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