We’re on a mission to end type 2 diabetes

Our weight loss and habit change programme is designed for diabetes prevention & reversal
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Weight is the number one risk factor for diabetes

With our program:

A 3-part disease reversal programme

Part 1

Lose weight, quickly and safely

Expert-formulated soups, shakes, and porridges help our patients lose enough weight to reverse pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes
Part 2

Change your habits from day one

Our personalised habit-change programme helps you make lasting changes to your nutritional, mental, and physical habits
Part 3

Sustain change with daily support

Get support from your social support group made up of people on the same journey as you

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Prevent & reverse disease

“Yay. Had my HBA1C results back today and it has gone from 79mmol down to 65mmol. So I guess the total diet replacement is working!”

Darren, 40

Lose weight for good

“I cannot believe the amount of weight I've lost. Just feeling so happy about the way I look right now.”

Kim, 48

Lead a happier life

“Thank you for giving us the possibility to go inside ourselves and see the positive in us, something we don't do often enough. For the first time, I feel proud to think about past successes, rather than focussing on past failures”

Dervis, 27

Our health promise

We’re here to help you maintain health for life, not for a quick fix. If you put the weight back on, we’ll give you your money back.

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