Entry in to the Programme:

By submitting an image in the #FiveMillionFaces: Share a Selfie Campaign, you accept and agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.

  1. Conditions of Entry: You understand and accept:
  2. a. if your selfie is selected to display in our selfie gallery,  we shall be entitled to do so;
  3. b. we may also use submitted selfies in future campaigns to advertise our #FiveMillionFaces campaign.
  4. b. we cannot confirm exactly which selfies will be used until the gallery has been created and this is at our absolute discretion. We do not guarantee that all or any of a particular submitted selfie will be displayed.
  5. c. we may overlay your submitted selfie with some illustrations by our in-house design team. If you’d like a copy of the illustrated version, please submit your email address when submitting your selfie.
  6. d. Please note that submissions which are not used shall be deleted although your personal data shall be retained in accordance with paragraph 3 below;
  7. Intellectual Property:
  8. We do not claim any rights of ownership in the application submitted or the work referred to in it (together, the “Project”) and will not commercially exploit the Project. You grant us (and our sponsors) a non-exclusive royalty-free sublicensable licence  to use images to promote the #FiveMillionFaces: Share a Selfie Campaign**.**
  9. This includes, but is not limited to, sharing images on our social channels, our website and in relevant UK media when discussing the campaign.
  10. Personal Data:
  11. Please note that your personal data shall be processed in accordance with our privacy notice: https://www.tryhabitual.com/privacy-policy
  12. If you would like to remove your entry from the competition then you can do so by emailing hello@tryhabitual.com and including a copy of the image you would like removed.