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A thank you to our patients

“We started Habitual with the goal of helping millions beat type 2 diabetes.

Our number one priority has, and always will be, the health and happiness of our patients. Thank you to each and every patient who’s trusted us as their partner in the journey to a lifetime of health.”

Napala & Ian
Co-founders of Habitual

Everyone’s journey is different, but better health is universal

Elisa, 52

"I feel so much better. I have more energy and my knees are not as painful and I feel more confident"

Hakan, 54

"The best part for me was dropping off the bariatric surgery waitlist"

Prem, 73

"I am grateful to Habitual to help me to lose weight, it has changed my life"

Maggie, 57

"Being on this program has been life changing and for the first time I am enjoying cooking for myself"

Bula, 63

"Before I used to give up so easily, but now I’ve realised that I just need to slow down and be kind to myself - that’s what the programme has taught me"

Susan, 61

"I am very proud of the changes I’ve made. I haven’t exercised in 20 years, but now I do"

Isabel, 56

"I feel proud today for the first time, when thinking about past successes, rather than past failures"

Darren, 40

"I’ve learned to spot the bad habits I had and replace them with a new habit"

Gareth, 49

"All round so many benefits from the nutritional to the mental and physical, it's completely life changing"

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"Just feeling so happy about the way I look right now. Really want to thank the Habitual team so much for helping me to embark on this journey!"

Kim, 48

Months 1-3

Total diet replacement for rapid weight loss

What convinced you to try Habitual?

Sheila says

"My consultant explained that my hypothyroid and hypoparathyroid were causing me to be consistently tired and sluggish. He believed the Habitual programme would help with this. Within a few days, I was enrolled and ready to go! I was excited, but inwardly worried about whether I would actually manage it."

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How did you feel during total diet replacement?

Gary says

“I won’t lie, the first few days on TDR were very hard. You go from eating whatever you want, when you want, to suddenly having 800 calories per day. It’s a shock to the system, but my view was (and still is!) to take each day as it comes. Having the constant positive reinforcement of constantly seeing the scales go down is incredibly motivating.”

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What kept you going through total diet replacement?

Darren says

“I can honestly say that I have been no saint. Yes, I have broken and had the odd biscuit here or there (I’m only human). But the daily exercises have got me thinking. It’s not about what I eat, it’s more about my thinking around how I eat. In the past, I would have shamed myself for eating that kebab, would have become depressed because of it, and ultimately continued down this negative spiral, eating more and more as I went. “

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"I’ve discovered a lot of new foods - I am eating things I didn’t eat before, in ways I’ve never eaten before. It was difficult in the beginning when I would eat something I shouldn’t, because I would feel really guilty, but the programme helped me overcome that guilt."

Olga, 53

Months 4-6

Steady weight loss as you find your new normal

What have you learned about nutrition?

Isabel says

“I found the nutrition emails so so helpful to help me understand how food works not in terms of taste but what it does inside you, so you can use it in a wise way when choosing meals. I learnt how things actually worked and for different people. I did know something from my job as a nurse, but I learnt how to focus on myself and what works for me.”

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How was food reintroduction for you?

Olga says

“I’ve discovered a lot of new foods - i am eating things I didn’t eat before, in ways I’ve never eaten before. It was difficult in the beginning when I would eat something i shouldn’t, because i would feel really guilty, but the programme helped me overcome that guilt.”

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Did you have any slip-ups?

Kim says

“I lost motivation many times. It’s impossible to change your mindset fully overnight. But when I ate poorly, I immediately noticed the change in my health.  If you lose motivation, allow yourself a day or so, but as you’re eating the foods you used to eat, be aware of how it makes your body feel and know in your head that you’ll get bck on track. This has definitely worked for me.”

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