We’re on a mission to support thousands of patients on the journey to better health.

Our story

The world spends trillions treating the outcomes of obesity, largely considering weight loss an aesthetic goal. From pills to surgery, our healthcare systems are buckling under the pressure of managing obesity-related conditions, while systemically underfunding weight loss treatments - the only true way to stop these diseases from ruining lives.
Ian and Napala met while working for a dietetics research company, and quickly realised that there was huge potential to help millions of people with weight loss programmes designed to address not only weight, but also overall health and happiness—two crucial aspects which traditionally get lost when we talk about weight.

Our culture

We’re a close-knit team that only started on this journey in late 2019, so our culture is evolving as we speak. Above all, we know that culture isn’t a slide deck, a set of words, a mantra, or a single person, so our best shot at summing it up is to give an example of something we do that’s different.
Those who go through the Habitual program learn about the importance of balancing their mental and physical health—but this concept isn’t limited to people on a weight loss journey. As a team, we each take up to an hour each day to do something that benefits our health and happiness (no admin or work allowed!)... a walk, a yoga class, practising a new language, reading a book, you name it.
Just as no single behaviour change tactic, diet, or exercise plan works for everyone on the Habitual program, we know that each of us requires something different for our mental and physical health, on any given day. So, we dedicate the time to find that balance.
Beyond our 'happy things', we're constantly iterating to figure out what's working (and what's not), and everyone  comes with their own ideas of things to test out. What new tradition would you bring to the team?

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