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Looking to lose weight in Bristol? Explore all of the options available to you here.
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Looking to lose weight in Bristol? Explore all of the options available to you here.

If you are beginning a weight loss journey, knowing which route to pursue is difficult. Fortunately, there are many options in place for those living in Bristol, from NHS services to private, paid weight loss support. 

The breadth of options available can, in part, be attributed to the city's commitment to creating a healthier living environment for its residents through the introduction of various schemes and initiatives - many of which are proven to be successful. For example, the most recent Bristol Quality of Life Survey found that: 

  • 67% of people are now doing regular exercise each week (an increase of 3% from 2022)
  • 43% of households are buying less food high in sugar, salt or fat compared to previous years.
  • 45% of residents are now walking or cycling to work. [1]

If you want to lose weight in Bristol, this guide will make it easier to determine your next steps. It will explore the options available, from NHS schemes to online programs. 

NHS Support. 

  1. Local GP Practices. All GP practices in Bristol offer weight management support as part of their service. To get started, schedule an appointment with your GP. They will be able to discuss your weight loss goals in more detail and put a healthy, sustainable plan in place to support you moving forward. For example, they may offer dietary advice or refer you to specialist services. 
  2. One You Bristol. One You Bristol is an NHS-funded health and wellbeing service that provides users with access to resources supporting healthy living and weight management. In addition to providing personal support, they run a series of weight management courses and exercise classes. 
  3. Community Health Services. Bristol's community health services also offer weight management programmes and resources, including dietary services, nutrition advice and group sessions on healthy eating and lifestyle changes.
  4. LiveWell Bristol. LiveWell Bristol is a wellness service provided by Bristol City Council, designed to support healthy living and weight management. They provide users with access to local programs and resources so that they feel empowered to make healthy lifestyle changes.

In-Person Programmes. 

There are a few options for in-person weight loss programmes in Bristol, which involve attending weekly face-to-face meetings and support groups. This can be an incredibly effective weight loss method, with a recent study finding that "people in groups were more likely to lose at least 5% of their body weight after a year." [2]

Weight Watchers Bristol.

The Weight Watchers points programme assigns different foods different points value, and allows participants to consume a certain number each day. The programme aims to facilitate weight loss by helping participants become mindful of their eating habits and food consumption.

Their premium programme gives users access to an app in addition to meetings called workshops, which are led by a coach. Around 10 different locations in Bristol and the surrounding areas offer Weight Watchers programmes throughout the week during the day and the evening. 

Slimming World.

Slimming World is a national organisation with 10,000 groups across the UK. Their programmes focus on cutting calories rather than counting them, though they also encourage regular exercise and other lifestyle changes. While their flagship programme involves weekly meetings, they also offer a digital service.

There are at least 20 in-person Slimming World groups in Bristol, held at community centres, churches, sports centres and halls throughout the city.

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Dieticians in Bristol.

Working with a dietician can also help facilitate weight loss by encouraging healthier eating habits.

Nutrition & Dietetics Team. 

Based in Southmead Hospital Bristol, the NHS Nutrition & Dietetics team can provide users with specially-tailored dietary advice, taking into account specific health complications such as diabetes and metabolic disorders. You must receive a referral from a healthcare provider to access these services.

Fresh Approach Nutrition.

Fresh Approach Nutrition is one of Bristol's leading nutrition clinics. It is built upon the ethos of creating a safe space for those who have struggled with their weight and want to improve their relationship with food. The clinic offers in-person and online appointments and works closely with patients to develop specially tailored diet plans, among other support services.

Spire Healthcare.

Numerous practitioners at Spire Hospital in Bristol offer diet-related services to their patients. Many of the practitioners here are obesity specialist dieticians, meaning they can support those looking to lose a significant amount of weight.


While the work carried out by nutritionists and dieticians is similar in nature, nutritionists cannot provide medical diagnoses or treat illnesses. They can, however, provide adults with dietary advice and support by helping them learn more about the benefits of proper nutrition.

Rosie Letts Nutrition. 

Rosie Letts is a qualified nutritional therapist who offers a range of nutrition services from her clinic at Avanti Gardens School in Bristol. She provides specialist nutrition advice and support for patients with weight issues, endometriosis, thyroid issues, and more.

Love Nutrition.

Love Nutrition is a Bristol-based nutrition clinic offering in-person and online support for those looking to improve their diet and lose weight in a healthy, sustainable way. They also offer functional testing services.

Health Nutritionist Bristol.

Health Nutritionist Bristol offers a range of tailored nutritional support and advice, helping adults achieve their weight loss goals. In addition to offering in-person support, they also offer online consultations and run a personalised meal delivery service for those living locally.

Personal Trainers. 

While following a healthy diet is key to losing weight, regular exercise also plays a vital role. For those who have not exercised in some time, working with a personal trainer can help when it comes to reintroducing exercise into their routine. 

OPEX Bristol.

OPEX is a private gym based in Bristol. When using the gym facilities, members can also pay to work with expert private trainers to improve their physical fitness levels and lose weight. In addition to developing accessible workout plans for their clients, personal trainers also offer nutrition advice and support. 

David Bates Mobile Personal Training.

With over a decade of experience in personal training, David Bates runs a mobile PT service in Bristol. This means that gym membership is not always necessary, as trainers will come to work with clients directly, whether they'd prefer to work out at home or outdoors. Online weight loss coaching is also available. 

Personal Health.

Founded in 2000, Personal Health takes a more holistic approach to personal training, creating bespoke plans for each client based on their needs, goals, and current limitations. Like many other PTs in Bristol, their services are accessible both online and in person. 

Digital programmes.

Slimming World & Weight Watchers.

Both Slimming World and Weight Watchers offer digital programs. The programmes provide users access to weight loss advice and guidance, exclusive recipes, and online community support. 

NHS Digital Weightloss Programme.

The NHS has also developed a free-to-use digital weight loss program, which provides adults with obesity and a diagnosis of diabetes and/or hypertension with access to a 12-week weight loss program. You must obtain a referral from your GP or pharmacist to access the programme. 

BeeZee Bodies.

BeeZee for All is a 12-week healthy lifestyle programme that focuses on long-term behaviour change and is available to everyone. The programmes take place online although it is available in-person in some cities. The sessions are run once a week for 2 hours, with the first hour discussing healthy eating followed by an hour of physical activity.


Habitual's digital plans are designed to support those seeking healthy weight loss by providing them with the tools, support and guidance they need to make positive changes in their lives. 

To achieve this goal, we have curated two plans. 

  • Medication Plan. Available through a monthly subscription plan, users can access NHS-approved weight loss medication to support the rest of the positive changes they are making. This can help to improve their overall results.
  • Soups and Shakes Plan. The soup and shakes plan is a meal-replacement plan that, once again, is designed to support weight loss. With a range of soups and shakes to choose from, they simplify the process of following a nutritionally complete diet.

Regardless of which program you choose, you'll also gain access to the Habitual app. Here, you can access science-backed lessons covering everything from nutrition and sleep hygiene to exercise advice and guidance.

If you'd like to learn more about our digital weight loss programmes, please do not hesitate to contact us today.


[1] Bristol Quality of Life survey 2023. Bristol.gov. Retrieved 29 April 2024. Accessible here.

[2] Abbot, S., Smith, E., Tighe, B.,. et al. (2021) Group programmes for weight loss may be more effective than one-to-one sessions. BMJ 357 (2771). Accessible here.

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