When will Mounjaro 7.5mg weight loss injections be available in the UK?

Many patients who have started on the initial doses of Mounjaro are keen to increase their dose, but the option to do this depends on when stock of 7.5mg Mounjaro will be available in the UK. The good news is, it's now available for purchase for those who have already been taking 5mg Mounjaro.
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If you're established on Mounjaro treatment and making your way up in dosage, you may be wondering whether Mounjaro 7.5mg weight loss pens will be available soon in the UK. You're in luck—Habitual has holistic treatment plans, including access to 7.5mg Mounjaro, available for shipment from w/c 22nd April.  

Who can purchase 7.5mg Mounjaro?

Manufacturer guidance advises that Mounjaro should be titrated up in dosage monthly, and all patients initiating treatment on Mounjaro must start on 2.5mg.

As 5mg Mounjaro has been available for some time now, however, many patients who have titrated up through 2.5mg and 5mg are now looking to increase to 7.5mg.  As 7.5mg Mounjaro is new to the market and stock is not widely available, we’ve made it easy to switch providers to Habitual, as we have stock available starting w/c 22ndApril 2024.

How to switch to 7.5mg Mounjaro with Habitual

If you’re currently taking, or have recently finished a pen of 5mg Mounjaro, we’d be happy to help you get started on 7.5mg, the next higher dose.

You’ll need to provide evidence of current or recent treatment with 5mg Mounjaro in order to be offered the option to purchase7.5mg, which can be a simple photo of the prescription label on your box, or a screenshot from an email confirmation or online portal from your current provider. Providing this photo is done easily and securely through the Habitual app.

To switch to 7.5mg with Habitual, simply complete our free assessment. In the assessment, there will be a question asking whether you’re currently taking aGLP-1 medication, and, if so, which strength you are taking. When you reach checkout, you’ll be able to select and purchase 7.5mg Mounjaro. Then, you’ll download the Habitual app to complete ID verification, full body photo upload, and prescription proof. Once Mounjaro is ready to dispatch, we’ll get it straight out to you on a next day service.

Wegovy is here! Start your free assessment

Mounjaro 7.5mg is now available!

Complete the assessment and purchase your plan

Mounjaro is here! Start your free assessment

Complete the assessment and purchase your plan

How much does 7.5mg Mounjaro cost?

Habitual Mounjaro plans start at £229 for the lower strengths, and £249 for 7.5mg and 10mg. At present we have a first order offer of £30 off with the code 30OFF.

In future months, there are a number of ways to reduce your subscription price, such as by earning digital coins in our app which can be redeemed for a percentage off your next month, or referring friends.

How effective is 7.5mg Mounjaro?

In a large randomised control trial on tirzepatide[1], the active ingredient in Mounjaro, weight loss results were seen to increase with increasing doses. While treatment with 7.5mg was not specifically reported on, we can look at outcomes for 5mg, 10mg, and 15mg. The overall change in bodyweight from baseline was 15% for those being treated with 5mg tirzepatide,19.5% for 10mg, and 20.9% for 15mg. It it likely that outcomes on 7.5mg would be somewhere in between the 5mg and 10mg outcomes, so between 15 and 20% bodyweight loss.

How do I know whether to increase dosage from 5mg Mounjaro?

This decision will depend on a number of factors, including cost, weight loss goals, and how you’re finding the experience on 5mg Mounjaro.

Mounjaro pricing increases every two doses, so some people seeing great results on 5mg may choose to stay on that strength for longer in order to save a bit on their medication.

Others may already be seeing good results on 5mg, and wish to continue on that dosage without risking increased side effects on a higher dose.

With Habitual, we give you the option to choose each month whether you’d like to increase your dose each month, so you can always stay on one dose for a couple months and see how you get on.

When will 10mg Mounjaro be available?

We won’t have an exact date confirmed, but so far the manufacturer has released one higher strength per month, as they want to ensure patients are able to titrate up in dosage safely.

Given this, we expect 10mg Mounjaro to be available in around 4 weeks from when 7.5mg launched, so w/c 20h May. Following this logic, subsequent doses would be available w/c 17th June (for12.5mg) and w/c 15th July (for 15mg), however there are no guarantees of this as it wholly depends on availability from the manufacturer.


[1] Jastreboff, A.M., Aronne, L.J., Ahmad et al (2022). Tirzepatide Once Weekly for the Treatment of Obesity. New England Journal of Medicine, [online] 387(3). doi:https://doi.org/10.1056/nejmoa2206038.

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