Where is Wegovy in stock in the UK?

Wegovy is now available for weight loss in the UK, but it can be hard to find a reliable place to buy it. We've listed which online prescribers have Wegovy in stock in the UK.
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Published on Nov 24th 2023

Updated Feb 1st 2024

Whilst Wegovy launched in the UK in September of 2023, stock available for private purchase has been limited and therefore finding a reliable supply has been difficult for patients across the UK.

At Habitual, we provide medication-based weight loss plans which include prescription weight loss medication (such as Wegovy) as well as our app, community, and support that thousands of patients across the UK have come to love. But we also know that our approach isn’t right for everyone, and our goal is for every patient to be able to achieve better health outcomes—no matter which provider you choose. So we’ve compiled a list of providers which have Wegovy in stock, so that you can compare your options and make the best decision for you. Please note that we’ve done our best to accurately represent stock availability, however as it’s changing each day this list may not be completely up to date!

We’ve broken down availability between online pharmacies and weight loss programmes, as each type of offering will cater to a different type of person. At Habitual we believe strongly in the importance of holistic change alongside medication, which is why we provide daily content, tracking, gamification, community, and more. Some people will prefer 1:1 coaching, like Voy and Numan, whereas others will just prefer to purchase the medication and find behavioural support elsewhere. Whatever you’re in the market for, find where Wegovy is in stock and ready to buy in the UK with the following list.

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Out of stock 0.25mg - online pharmacies:

  • Pharmacy Online

Out of stock - weight loss programmes:

In stock 0.25mg - online pharmacies:

  • Daily Chemist
  • Boots (only in stock during certain hours)
  • Superdrug
  • Pharmacy2u
  • Asda (0.5mg out of stock)
  • UK Meds

In stock 0.25mg - weight loss programmes:

  • Habitual (we are biased!)
  • Voy
  • Numan
  • Second Nature
  • Juniper

Important considerations when buying Wegovy online

Since the launch of Wegovy—and even before, when Ozempic was being prescribed off-label for weight loss—there were some reports of counterfeit medication ending up in the hands of patients. This is not only frustrating for a patient who has paid a significant amount of money, but can also be incredibly dangerous if a different medication is present in the pen.

When buying from an online pharmacy, you should always check that the pharmacy is registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC). The website should clearly state the GPhC number in the footer, and you can also search for a pharmacy on the GPhC website.

In addition, Wegovy should only be prescribed to patients which meet certain eligibility criteria. Best practice for online prescribing of Wegovyincludes identity verification and weight validation, plus some prescribers also check NHS records. If you find an online pharmacy that doesn't have these checks in place, this is a red flag—if a pharmacy isn't thorough about safety checks for patients, it's hard to know whether they'll also be thorough in the evaluation and handling of the medication itself.

Lastly, it's important to bear in mind that Wegovy is licensed to be delivered alongside lifestyle intervention. This is how it has been studied (in the trials that show 15% body weight loss), and, according to NICE, "there is no evidence of effectiveness if semaglutide is used as a single stand-alone treatment." So while you may be able to find more affordable Wegovy pens from a pure online pharmacy, the medication is really meant to be taken alongside a behavioural change programme that can help you make positive changes to your habits and achieve better weight and health outcomes.


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