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Total Diet Replacement

Our proprietary diet replacement product provides the full range of micro and macronutrients your body needs, utilising the best ingredients out there. Our shakes, soups, and porridge are gluten-free, soy free, and contain no artificial sweeteners. Plus, we hear they’re pretty tasty.

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Digital Habit Change

Our habit change program combines daily (psychology-
backed) content with whole health tracking, enabling you to create healthier habits—and observe how they impact your health trajectory over time. 

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Virtual Social Support

As part of your journey, you’ll be placed in a curated social support group composed based on careful analysis of each member’s personality, goals, and habit-building style. You’ll all be going through the journey together, so these groups serve as a perfect place to compare notes, motivate each other, and likely make some new friends along the journey.
"With me, I just need group support. The reason that I’m happy with the group is that I’ve got other people who are going through the same thing as me."
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So, how does the program work?

Your first 3 months


Nutritional Habits

Switch away from normal food and onto four nutritionally-complete shakes and soups per day. This break gives you a chance to reset your eating habits and relationship with food.

Mental Habits

As you break old habits, we guide you towards creating a new identity aligned with your best self and forming new positive mental habits that characterise it.

Physical Habits

Learn about the importance of exercise to sustained health, and prepare for a new routine.
Your next 3 months

Find your new normal

Nutritional Habits

As you slowly introduce normal 
foods back into your diet, this powerful period becomes an incredible learning opportunity—both through observing your body’s relationship to food as well as our educational, science-backed content.

Mental Habits

Finding your new normal means building your new identity, and all of the mental habits that are part of it: Positivity, forgiveness, and resilience.

Physical Habits

Discover a physical exercise routine that works for you—not one that burns the maximum number of calories or wears on your knees, but one that (most importantly) you enjoy.

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Nutritional Habits

Observe as your new healthy eating habits become the default option. Revisit total diet replacement if you need another reset, or use meal replacements to keep your diet balanced.

Mental Habits

Happiness is a journey, not a destination, so we provide you with the tools—rooted in behavioural science—to continue on your excursion.

Physical Habits

Better health isn’t achieved in a day. We help you improve your exercise routine over time based on your progress and preferences.

Isabel, 52

“I want to carry on this path for the rest of my life. I will encourage everybody to start this programme if they want better health and a more positive outlook on life.”
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